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2013-01-19 02:41 pm
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Weight Loss

2013 is finally going to be the year that I lose weight! So this blog will talk about weight loss so, sorry!

I'm 5' 3" so any weight just seems to pile on. I'm sure if I was about seven inches taller I wouldn't be this size, haha. My target weight is 140lbs/10 stone, I think. I don't want to lose too much and look skeletal so I might stop before that goal.

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2013-01-19 12:16 am
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100 Films in a Year

Start date: 12/12/12. End date: 12/12/13

I have so many DVDs I haven’t watched yet that I thought I’d do one of these. I’ll also give ratings out of five and maybe a review, depending if I can think of anything. My reward at the end is to buy more DVDs. If I see a film in the cinema then I'll also stick it on here!

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